harry potter quiz (email answers to emmacharlottegranger@gmail.com )

  1. who playes luna lovegood?
  2. At harry potters 6th year at hogwarts what was the password to dumbledoors study?
  3. in th 7th book what was the passqword to the secret radio?
  4. what was the plant harry,ron & hermione fell into?
  5. what was Tom riddles(voldemorts)grandfather called?
  6. how did luna find harry potter in the train in his 6th year?
  7. How much is the daily prophet worth?
  8. what is emma watsons favourite coulor?
  9. What is hermiones middle name?
  10. what is anouther name for mandrake?
  11. What was hermione grangers surname going to be?
  12. who playes hagrid?
  13. Who was river in the 7th book on the secret radio channel?
  14. whats ron weasleys middle name?
  15. whats emma watsons fave food?
  16. what coulors are hufflepuff?
  17. whos voldemort scared of?
  18. who is played by tom felton?
  19. what are emma watsons fave books?(need all 3 series)
  20. how old was emma watson when she got her ears pierced?





true/false.(email answers)

1-Luna lives with her mum?

2-Azkaban is a carehome?

3-Bellatrix is malfoys aunt?

4-snape is evil?

5-Rons dad is regularly called Arnold?

6-Nevils parents died?

7-voldemort is scared of Dumbledoor?

8-Hermiones parents are muggles?

9-george dies?

10-Lockhart taught Harry how to do a expecto patronum?




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